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Blue and patient, it waits with its latent fire for the precise moment when time and space agree. Its blood, spherical, deep, and invisible, flows spasmodically until it finds the cracks. Inhale. Exhale. The unstoppable force defeats the immovable stone. A mother cries tears of life, the Earth breaks into a red cry of death. It gives birth through its volcanic eyes of the phoenix bird, which in bloody flames perpetuates the cycle. Inhale. Centuries. Exhale. The mother begets death, the Earth sculpts green eyelids that connect the terrestrial sun with light. Lava petrifies a path of death so that life, paradoxical, continues with its redundant self-perpetuation. Ashes-earth, tree-earth, woman-earth, lava-earth, earth-Earth.



Printed on seasoned linen

66" x 44"

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