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Yeni Rodríguez Valdés
The observation was intense, she could feel a thousand eyes glued to her body. But 'La chula' (as they called her) was used to it. Once timid, now powerful; once unreachable, now accessible, everyone wanted to get lost in her uniqueness, to cross through her and take her somewhere.
Exposed in the room, unearthed, blooming and mature, 'La chula' was once again the center of attention. When the artist found her and molded her to his liking, she felt the power of her figure, she became part of a fantasy. It was an event, a rebirth. However, she could not imagine that the massive desire of people would change her as it did, as it still does wherever her presence reaches. 'La chula' no longer recognizes herself: for some she is a garden fairy, for others the very daughter of Venus, for the more practical ones she is a model that only a few can touch. And what about her? What does 'La chula' think of all this? In an inexplicable act of transmutation 'La chula' changed her eyes for two violet flowers. She prefers not to return the gaze. She prefers them to get lost in search for an entrance to her soul. However, she observes, she evaluates, she judges who comes to see her to possess her, who comes to buy her, who comes to try to take her out of her place. Perhaps when she finishes her work or when the artist wants to reinvent her, she will see again with those eyes that she now hides. Meanwhile, 'La chula' perceives herself as a dream, she lives in the realm of the dreamlike and one must be careful with those flowers capable of hypnotizing.


"La chula"


Printed on seasoned linen

46" x 44"

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