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Miguel Millo create a unique art style, using the Forography andMosaic. Find within beings, their own language inspired by the origins of humanity. The artist is intuited by the personification of the Mother Earth. Use the skin of  human bodies, which he dresses with native elements such as clay, pigments, flowers, fruits, plants, roots and seeds.

Miguel Millo - 2020-2ND-102.jpg

Milló, dabbles in the elaboration of Mosaics starting from a photographic work. He decides to transform it into thousands of pieces of  "Glass Vitreous". He created an innovative technique with an inimitable stamp conceiving volume and depth, engendering visions of essences full of empowerment, expression and equanimity.

Internationally, he is one of the greatest exponents of theContemporary art. His message has been illustrated in cities such as: The Angels, dallas,NY, San Diego,Palm SpringsMiami,Kuala Lumpur, Tel Aviv,Taipei, Havana,sao paulo, Dasmariñas and Madrid.

Miguel Milló has a special sensitivity for social work. She has donated her work in support of organizations that work for women's rights in reproductive health issues. In the same way, it supports causes to fight HIV. 

He is self-taught, a free thinker who builds and projects modern ideas that represent promising progress. A future that fights against injustice and inequality. The monumentality of his works juxtaposes the status quo and oppression.  His works areMiguel Milló. 

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