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La vida entre latidos

Between magic, beauty, and equality, the images provided by Miguel Milló, a contemporary plastic artist, expose a logos that resides within Mother Nature, who is the faithful representative of the world and its humanity, being the great organizer of the components of the works of "Life Between Heartbeats," as if these were the verses of a photographed visual poetry, full of color. From its beginnings, Miguel Milló has developed an extensive photographic series around the figure of woman and the multiple human canvases offered through their bodies, given his profound admiration for feminine aesthetics. His object of representation starts from the beauty of these diverse anatomies, favoring the multiple readings they provide thanks to their interaction with the crackled chromatic clays that cover their skins and other materials of an organic nature, such as fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, flowers, or dust. These ornamental motifs are a dogma in the artist's work, as all postulates are closely related to the elements of nature.

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